Object Head Detail – Government Of Rajasthan

Object Head Detail – Government Of Rajasthan : All types of expenditure have been described separately under the government’s effort to bring uniformity in all types of work related to all its departments. With this, how much amount has been spent on all items. Its information and information could also remain with the government. Object Head has been constructed keeping all these requirements in mind. Earlier all these items used to be offline. At the present time all online pay manager has been taxed. Today, the government can see the details of all items with one click.

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Sr. No.Object HeadCode
6Office Expenses05
7Purchase of new vehicle06
Sr. No.Object HeadCode
8Running & maintenance of vehicle07
9Professional & special services08
10Rent, Rate & Taxes / Royalties09
11Publication Expenses10
12Advertisement, Sale & public Expenses11
13Grant in Aid12
14Scholarship & Stipend13
15Sumptuary / Entertainment / Gift Exp.14
Sr. No.Object HeadCode
16Secret Service Expenses15
17Minor Works16
18Major Works17
19Machine & Equipment / tool & plans18
20Electricity & water charges19
21Running & Maintenance of Functional
22Maintenance & Repair21
23Materials & Supplies22
24Interest &Dividends23
25Pension & Gratuity24
Sr. No.Object HeadCode
27Write off / Losses26
29Miscellaneous Expenses28
30Training, Tours & Conference Expenses29
31Function & exhibitions30
32Expenses on Library & Periodicals31
33Laboratory Expenses32

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